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New + LIVE BOOTCAMP Reveals 
11 Virtually UNKNOWN Ingredients

To Create An Online Course That Sells Itself In *Any* Niche Imaginable

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Hurry! Time is running out to our brand-spankin' NEW 5-day 'Course Creators Bootcamp'

So How Do You Create The Right Online Course

(A.K.A Your Knowledge & Expertise)
That Makes People WANT To Join?

Let me know if this sounds like you...

As an online entrepreneur who is on the come up, you've likely heard (and maybe even believed) the idea of:

"Just create an online course and people will join..."

Am I right? 

If so, you're not alone!

In fact, if you're like most entrepreneurs your process likely looks like this... 

You think about allllll  the knowledge or experience you have... 

You come up with a 'loose plan'... 

You spend months of your time recording lessons and editing your course...

You post about it on social media...

You tell all your friends and family about it...

You agonize over (and maybe even lower) the price...

Hoping that when you open the doors, people will trip over themselves running to get their credit cards so they can join. 

Then when the day comes, 
you launch your online course...

And you hear nothing but "crickets"...

Does that sound painfully familiar? Is that why you're here?

Have you created an amazing program, but for some reason it's just not clicking with people?

Or is your story a little different?

Maybe you're on this page because want to turn your knowledge or experience into an online course or coaching program...

But the FEAR of it failing is too much for you to handle.

Have you ever thought to yourself...

"Who Would Ever Pay Me For My Knowledge, Especially When

There Are Already People Teaching What I Know"

If you're nodding your head at your screen, thinking "Ahhh crap. Yep, that's me." then you're right where you need to be and we're thrilled you're here with us!

So, who the eff are we? 

We're Jill and Josh Stanton and we're the hosts of the NEW + LIVE 5-Day Course Creators Bootcamp! Oh, and we're inappropriately obsessed with understanding what makes certain online courses sell like crazy.
After building and selling over 30 different online businesses in niches from skincare to supplements to high heels, we decided to start teaching other people how to create their own personal freedom through our coaching brand Screw The Nine To Five.

When we first started The Screw in 2013 we needed to figure out how to create an online course people would actually be excited to join.

Most importantly, we had to figure out how to build courses in a way that delivered MASSIVE results for our students.

To do that, we had to learn why some courses sold like crazy while others completely flopped...

We couldn't just rely on the typical "university-style" approach which, let's face it, is old, outdated and about as enticing as watching paint dry!

We had to learn how to do things differently...we had to be smarter.

Seven Years And Hundreds Of Improvements Later...

That was 7 years ago...

I remember the first online course we sold nothing and we lost money.

We knew the knowledge we had could help a lot of people grow their businesses, but it was really freakin' hard to get people to see the value.

We tried everything...

If someone asked us to add something to the course, we did it right away.

But that STILL didn't convince them to join...

If someone said they just couldn't afford it, we reluctantly offered them a discount.

But they STILL said they had to "wait till pay day", so they would "join next time".

Most of the things we tried didn't work...

But a few of the things, the "11 SECRET INGREDIENTS" that did work started to quickly bring in a steady stream of customers!

What seemed impossible before (a.k.a. getting people to hit that mystical "buy" button), was now a reality. 

Because of the secret ingredients, we're now able to sell out every single online course and coaching program, no matter the price.
That's a screenshot of just some of the sales inside our Stripe account for the most recent 2-week coaching program which sold out in less than 30 minutes on a webinar.

And while that's great for someone like us teaching business, it's also important to note that these secret ingredients work in ANY niche.

Don't believe us?

Check this out...
That's Jordan, a recent bootcamp participant of ours who teaches fly fishing and reached out after using the 11 secret ingredients taught inside our bootcamp...

Within 5 minutes of making his offer, he had sold over $4,000 of online course sales!

Or what about Joy Foster who helps women build online technical skills so they can return to work or change careers...
After making a few key changes to her $2,000 program, she went on to have her biggest promotion bringing in over 100 new customers!

She also used our killer promotion strategy, but more on that later...

Or how about Magnus Zetterlund who teaches people how to play the mandolin...
He's a member of our annual coaching program and that's him posting in our private Slack community just recently.

We walked him through using the 11 secret ingredients in his brand new coaching program and he went on to make $22,902 in its first promotion!

And that's just a couple of examples of what happens when you add these secret ingredients to your online course or coaching program.

"What Would Happen To Your Business If Your Program Sold Out Every Time You Went To Promote It?"

As we were creating and selling our courses and documenting the "secret ingredients" we were discovering in real time, we decided to release them to the world to help the coaches and course creators we work with.

We took thousands of hours of work and compiled it into a dangerously-effective
5-day program called:

The Course Creators Bootcamp

5 Days To Creating An Online Course Or Coaching Program So Irresistible It Practically Sells Itself

Since sharing these "11 Secret Ingredients" with others, we've gone on to help thousands of people dramatically increase their own online course sales.
If you are are coach or course creator - these 11 secrets will help you fill your program without resorting to sleazy sales tactics or having to lower your prices... 

Course creators in every market you can think of...

  • Softball coaching
  • ​Personal finance
  • ​Pelvic floor support
  • Diet & exercise
  • ​Business & marketing
  • ​English teaching
  • Fishing
  • ​Social media
  • ​Hiking
  • Cooking
  • ​Grief counseling 
  • ​Mandolin playing
  • Homeschooling
  • ​Child development
  • ​Personal Development
  • Marriage coaching
  • ​Career coaching
  • The list goes on...
And now we want to help YOU turn your online course or coaching program into a high-converting sales machine

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Here Are A Few Of The Secrets You'll Discover Over Our 5 Days Together

Inside the Course Creators Bootcamp we'll be sharing in just 45 minutes a day the 11 Secret Ingredients to help your online course sell like crazy.

Note. If you can't attend each day, you will get FULL ACCESS to the replays inside the group so you can still complete the bootcamp in your own time.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll get inside of the 5-day program:

Day #1: Your Perfect Customer

  • Secret Ingredient #1: Identify exactly WHAT your niche is and where people spend their money, so you can know exactly what type of course or program to create that appeals to their biggest needs!
  • Secret Ingredient #2: Find out EXACTLY who is it that you serve, so you can understand what they are struggling with the most and turn that into pure profits...
  • Secret Ingredient #3: Accurately predict the exact OUTCOME that your perfect customer is trying to achieve, so you can scientifically formulate your online course or program to perfectly match what they want!

Day #2: The Roadmap

  • Secret Ingredient #4: How to create a roadmap for your online course or program that speaks directly to what your customers want, so that you can easily show them the results they will get when they take your program...
  • Secret Ingredient #5: How to systematically break down each stage of your course or program so that you can easily describe the value and come with a price point that your customers will actually understand!​

Day #3: The Bonus Stack

  • Secret Ingredient #6: Use our simple framework to come up with a lethal set of bonuses that you can use to create MASSIVE excitement for your online course or program...
  • Secret Ingredient #7: How to uncover your magic mic drop bonus that will have your customers running to grab their credit cards!

Day #4: The Big Promise

  • Secret Ingredient #8: How to precisely describe what your perfect customer is wanting to achieve from your online course or program in ONE sentence, so you can create sales copy that captures their attention and converts into more sales
  • Secret Ingredient #9: How to systematically break down each stage of your course or program so that you can easily describe the value and come with a price point that your customers will actually understand!

Day #5: The Price & Guarantee

  • Secret Ingredient #10: Use this simple equation to come up with a price that ethically reflects the value of your course or program, so that you can feel confident AF when it comes time to make the pitch...
  • Secret Ingredient #11: How to create a no-brainer guarantee so that you can get people off the fence without having to sacrifice your own time or dignity!

Sound Like Something You Need?

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Here's What A Few Of Our Past Bootcampers Are Saying About This 5-Day Experience...

"We kicked off with $100,000 in signed clients" - Matt Crane

"In 3 weeks I made more than I made in 2 years!" - Mel Rushing

"The whole experience was fantastic and I had my biggest launch ever!" - Kerri Carlile

"We closed out a seven-day launch just shy of $30,000 in a week" - Jordan Oelrich

As You Can See...

The Course Creators Bootcamp Has Already 
Helped Entrepreneurs Just Like You...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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Grab your ticket before it's closed for good!

We only run a handful of these a year so we can't confirm when the next one will be. If you would like to quickly create a course or coaching program that sells itself, click the button below and lock in your spot on the next live bootcamp...

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Get These 5 FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1: Think Like A Millionaire Masterclass

"5 Success-Crushing Beliefs About Money That Are Stopping You From Having Everything You Want!"

Total Value: $497

Ready to leave this unknown and underpaid chapter of your business behind for good? 

This BONUS class (hosted one day after the bootcamp ends) is designed to help you eliminate the 5 biggest success-crushing beliefs about money you have that are stopping you from getting everything you want!

If you're ever struggled to attract the right (hell, ANY) customers and make the kinda money you want to make (and feel really freakin' good about it), this masterclass will change the game for you. 

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Bonus #2: Supercharge Your Sales Masterclass

"How To Sell Out Your Program With A Proven System That Is 6x More Effective Than Webinars!"

Total Value: $297

Want to steal a simple but deadly sales system that is working right now, is easy to execute on and will leave your audience wanting more?

This live in-depth training goes down two days after the bootcamp and is designed to walk you through a strategy we are using right now to get a 450% return on advertising, each time we run a promotion.

Read that again. 

It also works in ANY niche and if done correctly can allow you to earn back your spend on ads before you pitch your online course or program.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Course Creators Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #3: Morning Mindset Sessions With Jill Stanton

"Daily LIVE Mindset Coaching 
with Jill Stanton"

Total Value: $497

'Fess up! Have you ever found yourself wondering "will this really work?" or "what if I don't know as much as I THINK I do?" or "what if no one buys?"? 

If so, you're not alone and yet, it's that mindset and those thoughts that will tank your business faster than you can spell "entrepreneur". 

(Seriously though, there's like 5 "E's" in that word!)

During these daily live coaching calls, Jill will dig deep into the "inner game" and work with you to uncover the sneaky limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential as an entrepreneur.

If you struggle with feelings of imposter syndrome, lack of certainty or plain ol' procrastination, Jill will help you remove those blocks and replace them with beliefs that are aligned with the success you want to create.

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Course Creators Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #4: Genius Worksheet

"Fill-In-The-Blanks Blueprint to Help You structure your course and make it absolutely irresistible"

Total Value: $97

Ever wished you could have your entire course laid out in front of you so you can see all the details in one spot? If you're thinking to yourself "umm that would be sick!" then this bonus is the icing on your course creation cake!

Throughout the bootcamp we will be filling your blueprint out together, ultimately helping you design an offer that is so damn irresistible it will practically sell itself. 

Get This For FREE When You Claim Your Ticket To The Course Creators Bootcamp Today!

Bonus #5: Free Thinkific Account for 60 days

"Claim Your FREE Thinkific Pro Account for 60 days"

Total Value: $197

Does the thought of figuring out the tech behind creating your course make you want to binge eat? We get it! To help you navigate this our partners over at Thinkific (one of the leading course creation and hosting softwares) are giving every Bootcamp participant a FREE account for 60 days!

Plus they will be leading a live training inside the Bootcamp Group to walk you through how to set up your account, get your course uploaded and ready to sell so you can wave buh-bye tech headaches!
*fist pump *

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As mentioned above (like, at least 12 times) this bootcamp is open for a limited time. If you want to secure your ticket now before the price goes up, hit that blue button, fill in your deets and lock in your spot today. 

Now, I know what you're probably thinking...

"How Will I Know If This Bootcamp Is Right For Me?"

If you currently have an online course or coaching program OR are thinking about creating one, this bootcamp is designed specifically for you.

Best of all, we made it so damn simple that by the end of the 5-days you will walk away with a custom-made blueprint, built to succeed.

And if you're not sure you will be able to attend the live classes, we've got you covered.

Your ticket also comes with lifetime access to the private Facebook group (archived at the end of the bootcamp), so you can watch and re-watch the lessons whenever you want.

All you have to do is scroll on up, click the blue button and grab dat ticket!

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

Like we said earlier, the crazy low price of this bootcamp will be going up.

And if at any stage during enrolment we decide that we have reached a capacity we cannot handle, we may decide to shut down registration.


Because we bring our mothaeffin' A-Game to our Bootcamps and your experience inside it matters to us. 

In addition to that, this is a LIVE bootcamp that is heavy on the support, implementation and accountability, which means it requires a ton of time and energy to put on.

If you'd like to avoid getting locked out, grab your ticket now and brace yourself for more clarity, direction, momentum and results than you've experienced all year. 

Here Is Our '10x Guarantee'

We 100% guarantee that you will love this bootcamp. 

If after the end of Day 1 you feel like you haven't gotten at least 10X the value of your investment ($470 in money making content, ideas and instructions) we will happily refund your investment in full.

Email us by 8:59am EST on Day 2 for a full refund. 

Sound fair?

Let Us Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Join 'The Course Creators Bootcamp' Today!

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  • Lifetime Access to the 5-day Bootcamp ($497 Value)
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  • ​ Ultra-Private FB Group (Value $297)
  • ​ Think Like A Millionaire Masterclass (Value $497)
  • ​ Daily Mindset Coaching With Jill Stanton (Value $497)
  • ​ Genius Worksheets (Value $97)
  • x2 FREE months at Thinkific (Value $197)


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Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

If you're sick and tired of trying and not getting results...

If you've ever thought "I thought I'd be further ahead by now"...

If you're fed the F up listening to all the competing advice swirling around online and just want someone to tell you what to do and how to do it...

Then straight up? 

You're falling behind if you're not in this bootcamp. 

Because "winging it" and hoping it all works out is soooo 2019. 

And it's time to turn 2020 into your biggest, most profitable year yet!

You in? 

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